About Us

Walk-In To Wellness is a unique medical practice with a philosophy of tailoring medical care to our patient’s needs. It is about access… from having the ability to walk in for your medical care, to booking appointments that you can request through our mobile app. We have convenient weekend hours for our Monday through Friday working busybodies. We offer various medical services on site, which include bloodwork, ultrasounds, and allergy testing. From addressing your urgent care needs to managing complex chronic problems, our family practice is able to work in partnership with you to develop optimal treatment options.  Consider us a primary care practice, but with an edge.

Wellness is our commitment to go beyond your basic health needs and to provide innovative methods and pioneering treatment options to achieve your health goals.  From the latest on cosmetic lasers and injectables for beauty, to hormone treatments that will help keep you looking and feeling your best, to anti-aging targeted to guarantee age slowing and reversing, and even personalized weight-loss programs. We guarantee that Walk-In To Wellness can meet all of your health needs. Here at Walk-In To Wellness, we strive to help you look and feel your best inside and out.  Our mission is simple: to help you become a better you… just walk-in! 

Dr. Zannis, D.O.

Dr. Zannis, D.O.

Dr. Jason Zannis opened his private practice - “Walk-In To Wellness” in 2001 in Coral Springs, Florida. Dr. Zannis is originally from Michigan but moved to California where he completed his Bachelors of Science in Biology at the University of California, Davis and then went to Missouri for medical school at Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine.

His experience in California’s Silicon Valley is where he started his interests in aesthetics. His first job was as a medical researcher for a company that specialized in collagen injectables and breast implants. That experience allowed him to work with the best plastic surgeons in California and ignited his interest to pursue a career in medicine.

While in his rotations at medical school he found a love for Emergency Medicine, Family Practice and Urgent Care. From seeing patients when they were in need of critical medical care, to having routine follow-up with his patients and recognizing which treatments really improved his patients’ health is what steered him towards Family Practice. This experience was vital and helped him design the type of care that was needed for his patients today.

It was from this experience that his concept of Walk-In To Wellness was conceived. To have an all-encompassing practice that includes urgent care, primary care, anti-aging treatments, cosmetic and aesthetic cares all under one roof. The simple idea of walk-in access is not just for urgent needs, colds or refills, but also for weight loss, Botox, and the latest laser and hormone treatments. It’s an extension of the continuum of care from sickness to wellness and feeling refreshed all in one place. It’s your health… redefined.